Shain Bard Lithograph

2 Jul

Gun Free Zones

7 Aug

The Colorado Cinemark Theater was a Gun-Free Zone.
The “No Guns” signs deterred all,
Except the mass murderer,
From being armed.

Virginia Tech was a Gun-Free Zone.

The observation tower of the Empire State Building was a gun-free zone.

The Texas Restaurant, where Suzanna Gratia-Hupp watched her parents
and 21 others executed,
while her gun sat, as required by law, in her car,
was a gun-free zone.

COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL was a gun-free zone.

Long Island Railroad 5:33 to Hicksville,
was a gun-free zone,
for all but Colin Ferguson,

Hitler’s Germany,
For all but government Nazis,
Was a gun-free zone.

Parts of the South were gun free zones,
But only for slaves.

East Timore was a gun-free zone.
And was helpless to resist Suharto’s invasion,
And 25 years of Indonesian genocide.

The 767 Flights of Nine Eleven, from Boston to the World Trade Center,
Were gun-free zones.

The death toll of gun-free zones:
and it accrues,

Massacres at shooting ranges, gun shows:
But that’s not news.
Copr. 2000, 2012 C. Garvey